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Flexeye is a UK based company which develops specialised software for data management, security and analysis.

The problem was that Flexeye was expanding at a fast pace and needed to quickly recruit highly skilled software developers to support their growing client base.

They also needed to anticipate and prepare for further growth.
Flexeye had investigated offshore solutions but had come to the conclusion that the companies they had approached were too large and therefore too inflexible to deal with their needs.

Bosenet’s solution was to use their local knowledge to set up a core off-shore team in India.

Flexeye did not have to worry about any aspect of the recruiting process which was handled entirely by Bosenet.

Once recruited, the highly trained staff received further training to familiarise themselves with the specialised software and the culture of Flexeye.

The staffing was designed to allow for growth from five personnel to thirty.

To ensure the operation is seamless, one project manager was elected in India who is responsible for communicating with the UK base’s project manager. By involving just the two people in the daily planning meetings, communications are simplified, reducing the potential for errors.

“Bosenet made it easy for us. Throughout the entire process, we felt that they hand held us through and we knew that we have the flexibility to build for the future”.

Justin Anderson


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